3000W 48V Manageable Sine Inverter – Rack

The 3000W 48V Manageable Sine Inverter – Rack is an Off-Grid inverter, ideal for providing uninterrupted operation, independent of mains fluctuations, to equipment powered by alternating voltage (Vac) from a battery bank.

It can be used in off-grid solar energy systems, with MPPT and PWM charge controllers and battery banks. It is also equipped with a WEB interface for configuring and accessing all the device’s information and is compatible with the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) communication protocol, which allows access and monitoring via the main management software on the market.


  • Manageable 10/100Mbps;
  • Pure sine wave;
  • Robust protections with auto-restart;
  • Galvanically insulated;
  • Selectable frequency of 50Hz/60Hz;
  • Door sensor;
  • Auxiliary relay with WEB drive;
  • High efficiency (> 92% at 100% load);
  • SNMP protocol for monitoring.

Main features