JFA Eletrônicos is the result of a family dream, which has made us a benchmark in Automotive and Telecommunications.

In March 2004, cousins Flávio and Anderson started their business in a garage at the home of one of the partners.

The sale of a popular car was what secured the investment for the first chapters of this successful and continually developing story.

With a view to improving to meet the needs of our customers, providing a unique, high-performance experience through our products.


Initially, we created the FM mini-station, which allowed several sounds to play the same song, tuned to the same FM radio station.

After the kick-off came the 70-amp Battery Source and Charger, developed at the request of our customers.

At that point, Flávio and Anderson innovated and delivered the product, making JFA a benchmark in the market.

JFA also developed the equipment that allows battery charging to be controlled via its chargers. The company was a pioneer in developing an automotive source with this feature.

In this process, the exclusive Intelligent Charging System (ICS) was used first and foremost, thus avoiding frequent damage to the batteries.

This product was responsible for consolidating the brand and strengthening JFA’s DNA, which consists of developing products with innovative features and high quality standards.

Today, we are also a reference in the Telecommunications segment.


JFA has entered the solar energy segment and brings the latest solutions to the market.

We are committed to consolidating our position as one of the most innovative companies offering technological solutions.

Those who know the quality of our products recognize the difference they make in everyday life.

Therefore, our commitment is to provide products that simplify our customers’ lives.